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About Misterfox

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About Misterfox

What is Misterfox?

Misterfox is a free online platform that automizes your claims for Amazon delivery delays.

How much does it cost?

Misterfox is completely free ! Enjoy 😉

Which email providers is Misterfox compatible with?

Misterfox is compatible with Gmail, Yahoo, Microsoft (Hotmail and Outlook), Orange, SFR, Free, AOL, La Poste, Noos, Numericable, GMX, BBOX (and Bouygtel), Apple and iCloud.

The Android app is available for Gmail and Hotmail.

The IOS app is only available for Gmail.

Why the name Misterfox?

Because no one is as clever as a fox 😉

Is there a Misterfox application?

YES ! You can find the Misterfox applications here:

When can I send out a claim?

The button "Claim" will appear on the cards eligible for compensation because of a delivery delay. You will have the possibility to send a claim for all your orders with 1 or more days of delay! Misterfox takes care of your claims for parcels received late or parcels still not delivered.

What are the forms of compensation that I can receive?

The forms and amounts of compensation are random and solely depend on Amazon's customer service. However, we know that our users generally receive free Amazon Prime subscriptions, gift vouchers or refunds. The average amount of compensation received by our users is 7€.

Does Misterfox take a commission on my gains?

Non, Misterfox does not take any commissions.

What is the time lapse between sending out a claim and receiving compensation?

On average, our users receive an answer from Amazon 2 or 3 days after having sent out a claim through Misterfox.

What happens after clicking on "Claim"?

When you click on the "Claim" button, Misterfox sends an email on your behalf to the Amazon customer service asking for a compensatino for the delivery delay.

Signing Up

How do I sign up?

There's nothing simpler than signing up for free on Misterfox! Go to our website www.misterfox.co. Create your account by logging in with the email address (Google, Hotmail, Yahoo or others) that you use to make your purchases on Amazon. Once you create your account, you just need to sit back and enjoy the services that Misterfox has to offfer.

Why can't I sign up?

There can be many reasons that explain why you can't connect to your Misterfox account. Whatever it is, don't hesitate to contact us at contact@misterfox.co.

Once logged in, how does it work?

Misterfox will automatically detect all your past Amazon orders and will inform you if any of them was delivered late. If that's the case, you'll just need to ask Misterfox to get the compensation for you. All that in just one click!

Can I connect many email addresses to my Misterfox account?

No, not for the moment unfortunately. However, you can create as many Misterfox accounts as you wish. In order to do so, you just need to log out of your account to create new ones with new email addresses.

Which password should I use?

To create your account on Misterfox, use the password linked to your email address. To guarantee their safety and confidentiality, we do not store your passwords. You will find more information regarding this in our Privacy Policy.

Who is behind Misterfox?

Behind Misterfox are passionates about new technologies, driven by the desire to facilitate your life by automatizing some dreadful and repetitive tasks. To know more about us, go to ici !


Does Misterfox store my login information?

Misterfox takes your private life and your security very seriously. Misterfox uses IMAP and 0Auth2, the Gmail authentification service. In brief, we never have access to your login information.

Is my personal data safe with Misterfox?

To take care of your claims on your behalf, Misterfox needs some personal data. The collection and use of this data ensures an efficient and personalized service, susceptible to answer to your needs and help you be compensanted, notably when your Amazon delivery was delayed. Misterfox uses and protects your personal information with the utmost care. As such, we have put together all the appropriate measures to ensure this protection at its best. Misterfox uses "tokens" generated by the appropriate email providers. For the IMAP protocol (Yahoo and other email providers), Misterfox uses a proprietary crypted system.

How does Misterfox protect my personal data?

Misterfox protects the security of your personal information during the transfer using the tool SSL (Secure Sockets Layer Software), which encrypts the information you enter before it is sent. Also, Misterfox maintains physical and electronic security measures and backup procedures related to the collection, the retention and the communication of your personal data. Misterfox does not and will not sell any personal data.

How does Misterfox find my orders?

To automatically detect your past online orders, Misterfox synchronizes itself to your inbox using 0Auth2 and IMAP once you create an account on www.misterfox.co. It is with this technology that Misterfox can take care of your claims for free.

Other Questions

How do I report an issue or suggest a feature?

We would be happy to hear your feedback about Misterfox. If you notice something didn't work properly, or if you have an idea for a new cool feature, send your thoughts to contact@misterfox.co.

How can I delete my account?

To delete your account, click here.

For more informations

Please consult our Terms and Conditions along with our Privacy Policy. You can also contact us at the following adress : contact@misterfox.co.

The Misterfox Team